Significance: ‘everyone’s sayin’ different things to me’ – zero 7

Maybe I’m just one of those people who believes that insignificant events can cause significant results.  Maybe I’m one of those people who thinks that if a person sneezes on one side of the world, it indirectly contributes to a hurricane on the other side.  Or Maybe I’m just crazy…but thinking along those lines, I came to a slight realization tonight…nothing big…nothing grand…nothing really all that different from my usual kicks on ‘perspectives’ in the past…just a tinge of a thought:

I can’t really think of a time where I couldn’t find something wrong with my world.  I’m my own Emily Dickenson, and I can be one heck of a Sylvia Plath, but all my life, it seems I’ve been searching to explain those bad things that happen to us.  I mean, some people ask the question, “what is life?” or “why are we here?” Well, to me…those questions are easily answered, but “why do bad things happen?”…I can’t put my finger on that usually.  At least, not really anything more than a poor fool’s educated guess.

There was this girl in high school who would tease me a lot, and sometimes, it bothered me a little…but I had a daydream today, and I was imagining…what if…she came to apologize to me – years later, on down the road when it didn’t matter anymore.  What would I say to her?

And then I realized.  Maybe she hurt me.  Maybe the things she said really bothered me, but she had no need to apologize…even if it had really hurt.

I mean…well, I look at my life now.  I have friends; I have faith; I have a trip ahead to a foreign place all planned out; I have a roof over my head and a warm bed; I have so much more than so many people, and to be honest, I don’t have a bad life.  So, even though things sometimes hurt us (and this doesn’t discount pain in any sense), hurts can still be put into new perspectives.

What if that girl who made fun of me had lifted me up on some pedestal and treated me like a god instead of humbling me?  If so, I’d probably be riding some strip right now in my red pick-up with a rebel flag on the back of my truck, more concerned about the hunting season than meeting the face of God in a new way in every day of my life.  That might sound a bit extreme, but the truth is…every single day, we are affected by the people around us.  We are influenced constantly, and in that way, we never stop growing.  That doesn’t make what that girl did right.  It doesn’t ease pain for more serious hurts, but it does explain a little bit.  It explains that we – as a people – should be thankful for every moment we have…whether it’s with each other, alone, or with God…whether it’s happy or sad…or painful.  We should be thankful that…even when things go wrong and even when we do lose the roof over our head, we still have so much more than any random Ethiopian kid.  And in case we are that random Ethiopian kid, we can still be thankful that we have hope.

And this isn’t just about not taking things for granted.  It’s also about perspectives.

Someone sneezes and a hurricane forms.  A hurricane forms and you lose your house.  You lose your house, and discover that so many people care and are willing to help you rebuild.  So, be thankful someone sneezed, and be thankful that a hurricane formed.  Or is that just totally off-base?


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