To Dream: ‘drifting over bridges never to return, watching bridges burn’ – travis

To dream…to believe that there is a chance and that there is hope…to have faith in the impossible…to believe the word “idealistic” does not have a negative connotation…when all else is lost – to still hold to the direction your heart pushes…that point when everyone else says, “no,” but you continue with a good-natured “yes…”: a time for risk, a time for labour, a time for contemplation, a time for never relenting, a time to look the world in the face and say, “I…dared…to…dream, and I will not…ever…give up.”

What people are given this gift? Can the power to dream – this level of determination – be learned or manifested? Is dreaming something everyone was given, and the only thing we lack is determination? Or do we have it all in us: can any one of us become an oscar-winning actor, a broadway singer, or an astronaut? Take the talents we were given each individually, skill them, and can any one person be – the best? If we all have the potential, why do so many fail? What is in us that keeps our dreams fostered away in the depths of our minds?

Perhaps if we simply combined faith, potential, and determination – our dreams would blossom. But there seems to be more to it. Why do so many give up – not just on their dreams, but also with their lives? So many people unwilling to even put forth the tiniest bit of effort to just…be…

Or…maybe that’s not such a bad thing…maybe the world needs dreamers and do-ers and no-gooders. Maybe it would be a boring world if we all chased our dreams and achieved the unthinkable…maybe we all have a place, and there are those who try and those who don’t…but we all dream. We all should dream.

Trying is a good thing, and failing isn’t all that bad…but not dreaming…that’s a tragedy.

And with every dream, it’s as if the world gains a little more good… It’s as if things make the world a little more like the way it should be. And with every dream sparks another. And with every human, there is the capacity to do what’s never been done or something powerful and life-changing. Why…why would anyone not foster such a great human opportunity – to discover ones self and become exactly what you dare…to dream.


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