Pangaea: ‘I’m glad I hitched my apple wagon to your star, I never would’ve got here if I followed my heart’ – the boy least likely to

I am the divider
under the plates
of Pangaea – I
twiddle my toes,
and the quakes
that waken all
my friendly foes,
which open the seas,
as I, with forceful
separation am
here to please,
though little
did you know
how I could be.
so, on account of
my ability
to do something
good, I think
you maybe should
accept the little
tumbles, shakes,
and earthly sighs
with a somewhat
perspective –
in two hundred
fifty million
years, I’d think
you could see
that I brought you
cause you can’t
even handle livin’
two miles apart,
so I seeped
the waters of
deep into your
lands, and there,
I brought you life.


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