Esther: ‘you can brave decisions before you crumble up inside’ – damien rice

save me grace,
amazing thing.
wretched daughter
is a scene,
and I am bitter,
so make me sweet.
give my mother
love to keep
her eyes astray
from all that sings,
torn and tattered,
ungrateful things.
I call and pray
and beg and stall;
my heart was slammed
against the wall
in some old house,
I don’t belong;
I cannot tell you
right from wrong,
but I can tell
what I know now
that love abounds
somewhere, somehow.
I’ll seek it till I carry on
and fight for what
I may call home.
it may not be
within these walls,
their creaks and cracks
with sinful falls,
though love for me
that you had had,
amazing grace
that made me glad.

(co-written with rachel ross)


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