Kingdom Peace: ‘my song is love’ – coldplay

kingdom peace
the armies marched
the years were battling on
and soldiers died
while people tried
to hide from rising dawn
I don’t know what to tell you,
or how to say this so
your son has died,
but with great pride,
it made for quite a show.
we’re not sure what
this war’s about,
though freedom is the cost,
don’t talk about
what might not be
had heaven not been lost.
this was the duty of the hour
we’d all been called to serve
to kill, rampage, or rape the land,
we’ve freedom to preserve.
away, away, the foreign land
its desert and its dust,
we’ll raise it high to tear it down
in sanity and lust
trudge on, trudge on,
oh soldier’s son,
you’re daddy’s somewhere grave
there’s kingdom peace
to talk about;
it’s something that we crave.


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