Roar: ‘well, the truth is, I miss you’ – coldplay

why does the ocean roar
its foamy waves alive once more,
its angry beat against the sand,
I walked its stretch of endless land
and looked out to the setting sun,
as lights on seashores came undone
and bounced about the distant waves
till glimmers died in Davy’s graves
and darkness found this endless span,
though in the darkness, life began,
and all was right, despite the scene,
and all was God’s, despite unclean,
so as the ocean roared once more,
I walked away from that seashore
still covered in the dirty sand,
determined more to understand
a grace so free that stretched so far,
an ocean, great, that cleansed a scar,
that beat the sand in grace above,
that I might share the sea of love.


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