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Alright, folks.  This is it.  I’m leaving Jackson today and crossing the pond on Tuesday night.  I should be available until Monday morning early; after that, it might be a little while until you hear from me.  I’ll post a blog when I can just to let everyone know I made it okay.

If you have Skype, feel free to add me; just do a search for “BoltonKsig”

If you have my Verizon number stored in your phone, replace it with 731-215-0833.  That is my Google Voice number.  You can leave me a voicemail, and Google will email me a copy of your voicemail, so I can listen online.  Alternatively, I can answer that number if I’m online on Gmail, and that’s free to both of us.

Finally, as a reminder, my snail mail address is in the right-hand column, but it is a temporary address, and I cannot receive packages yet.  I will let you know when the address changes.

Much love to you all.


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