Swiss Cheese Thoughts.

My mind has kind of been like swiss cheese lately, and I haven’t been getting much sleep, though I think Abner knows what’s up, because half the reason I haven’t been sleeping is the result of him keeping me awake.  I’m anxious to get through the next few days, to get to know enough people to feel comfortable, and to reach a point where living out of a suitcase at least feels like the norm.

One of the things keeping me awake lately has been the ruckus this Florida pastor has raised over the threat to burn Qur’ans.  The State Department issued a travel warning, and the Peace Corps Director in Morocco did contact current volunteers encouraging them to be vigilant and avoid demonstrations.  Honestly, that part of it is not what worries me.  The name of the game in traveling, no matter where you travel, is to be vigilant, know your surroundings, and not do something stupid, so I don’t worry about my safety, really.  I’m far more worried about my own country and its inability to practice civil discourse.  I’m far more worried about the media or extremists (on the left and on the right) hijacking the conversation.  Whether it’s Terry Jones desperately wanting ten minutes of fame or CNN or Fox trying to keep their ratings high, it seems to me that money, not politics or religion, is what ultimately drives our society.  Civility is boring, and no one makes any money off of it.

I’ve already written one blog about that; it’s probably a dead horse I’m going to be beating a lot, because I’m so passionately hopeful that we can find a way to come together and get along.

Turning to a happier subject, I set up my “video blog” or vlog today.  I’ll put a link on here later so anyone who wants can check it out, but the vlog is actually a project I’m doing with Greta Frensley’s Station Camp Middle School classroom through the Peace Corps’ Correspondence Match.  I’m hoping to keep it regularly updated.  Greta attended my church, Rehoboth, when I was working there, and she’s pretty much family, so the chance to keep in touch with her classroom seemed like a good one.  Of course, one of my favorite pictures ever was taken at Lakeshore with Greta and I having just tackled the High Ropes Zip Line.

Well, that’s about it.  I’ve said all my goodbyes (I think), except to Zandy tomorrow, along with a few more phone calls here and there.  I’ll update my final post either late tonight or early tomorrow with some contact information, as I am most likely canceling my phone service with Verizon.  Until then, I’m just going to lay low and take it easy, kind of like I have been for the past two months or so.


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