PassportWell, it’s finally here, and that sixty or so hours of traveling (from Nashville to Philly to JFK to Casablanca to Mehdya, where I am currently) just completely took it out of me.  I’ll keep this first post short, as I mostly just wanted you to know that I made it okay.  I’ll have a decent internet connection for the next four days or so.  After that, it’s spotty, probably.

In the first thirty minutes of being in Africa, I managed to see horses, cows, sheep, pelicans (or some kind of bird like that), and donkeys.  The morning consisted of security and medical briefings.  I won’t bore you with the details of those, but I just got back from hanging out on the beach, where five camels walked by somewhat randomly.

Morocco is truly a beautiful country with a beautiful landscape, all kinds of wildlife, and many wonderful people I’ve already met.  I’m ten times more excited than I was when I was nervous a week ago.  This is going to be good.  Real good.


  1. So glad to hear your voice and to know you that you’re on land. I know the beach must be beautiful. Hope you get a chance to make some pictures of camels??? on the beach? That’s certainly not something I see everyday! Hope you get some sleep before moving on. Love and miss you. Mom


  2. Wow! It already sounds amazing. I read your letter to all of my classes yesterday, and they are intrigued and excited to hear more. I can’t wait to tell them about the camels :)
    We are thinking about you here at home. Take care,


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