The Days of Allah are Longer: ‘couple young girls went sailing down A1A into the arms of Florida, sailin’ down a highway’ -patty

our laughs bring harmony
to unexpected chords,
and the way you stand there
with that half-crooked smile,
as if you know something I don’t –
a secret we seem to be tossing
this is the kind of thing I live for,
you with your downward gaze
I turn up,
and it is my prayer that time is on our side,
or at least,
that the days of Allah are longer.


1 Comment

  1. hey philip. so i don't know your e-mail and you ridiculously deleted your facebook and it is almost 2am and i cant sleep and wanted to chat. i am going to nashville monday for an interview. i am pretty stoked and very nervous. i hope you are having fun seeing the world. get back on facebook or at least e-mail me so i have your address.


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