The news is in, and I am moving pretty much smack in the middle of Morocco, some five hours from where I currently am (Fes) and maybe eight or nine hours from Rabat.  I’m guessing on those numbers, by the way.


I leave tomorrow morning to visit my new home and meet my host family (of which I will have seven brothers and sisters this time).  I’m pretty excited about it.  There’s not a lot I know firsthand right now.  It sounds like it’s a very dry, desert place and pretty flat.  I’m told the climate is comfortable; it gets pretty hot in the summer but not as hot as some places in the south, and it does get cold in the winter, but not bone-itis cold.

I lucked out with electricity, water, and internet, too.  And most people speak Darija, so I don’t have to learn a new language.  Hamdullah.  Lots more to say about it in the coming days, perhaps.  I may get one or two pictures of the place, but I’m not a tourist, and I don’t want to look like one, so no promises on picture-taking.  Either way, I’ll share more as I start to figure it out!


  1. You are so much braver than your aunt. I would not have the nerve
    to go half way around the world.It does sound so exciting but I guess
    I’m use to security.So you will have to keep me up on the other side
    of the world, I really do enjoy reading this.
    By the I like your hair cut. You look much old. Love you


  2. So excited for you!! :) Sounds really good.
    Also, I love that picture; very coool.
    ALSO, you missed good old American HALLOWEEN. reason #36 I could never do what you’re doing, off peace corping. I salute you.


    1. In a fit of irony, I forgot it was halloween until I realized I was eating couscous with pumpkin at my new host fam’s house!


      1. that sounds extremely delicious. I hope you learn to cook all of these dishes while you’re there, so you can cook for me when you’re back!


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