oh my friend,
I have watched you spin your lies and weave a mythology,
a story so deep, it is your truth,
but I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter all that much to you
who is hurt or how
when perception is in your favor,
it is
all there is,
a world of nothing more than now,
and so, the shining beacon flickers out,
and those lost at sea
when you were the captain of their boat
suffer a loss of their own and alone,
despite the glaring hole you made
that sunk the ship.

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  1. Spending yet another sleepless night in part due to this. Sadly, I am no longer alone in my choosen exile. One would think that the addition of others would bring some sense of “see, it's not just me” but instead as each sole faces their own self-imposed banishment, the hole in my heart gaps a little wider for I know the pain that the people that I care about and love are facing.


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