First things first, I am officially a Peace Corps Volunteer.  You might not have known that I wasn’t before now, heh.  But, read this for details.

Otherwise, I’ll keep this relatively short.  Mostly, I just wanted to say that I’m thankful I safely made it to my site in the desert (after ten hours of traveling by myself via train and taxi) with a warm welcome from my host family and a room-full of new stuff I bought from Eric, the volunteer I’m replacing (ranging from a bed to couches to speakers, etc.).  I’m thankful today for my friends and family here and abroad with a special shout-out to my fellow volunteers and one excellent Language and Cultural Facilitator – Beth, Meetra, Lacie, and Driss.  I’m thankful for the bibi (turkey) I ate yesterday afternoon in Rabat after we swore in and shook hands with the Ambassador and the King’s Minister of Youth & Sports.  And I’m thankful for my grandfather, of course, who I think of often in this place.

I think I said in the last post I’d update you on Eid El Kibir, but to be honest, I think I’ve said all I’m going to say about that for now.  Be sure to check out the Vlog, though, because there are some videos there of Eid, along with a few new ones I’ll be uploading of some of the Moroccan landscape via the train.  And I did mention a few things about it in the comments section of the previous post.

There’s a lot going on this week here in Outat.  Tomorrow, I want to apply for the Carte de Sejour (and by “want,” I mean “need” to lest I become illegal living in this country).  Then, and because many have asked, I want to open up a Post Office box.  Some of you (I know who you are) have expressed wanting my address in Outat.  You should not use the Rabat address for sending packages or, really, for anything once I have my new address.  If you have not yet expressed wanting that address, email me, and I will send out a mass email with that address as soon as I have it.  For safety and security reasons, I think it best not to put the address on the blog.  That said, many of you have also asked what you should send me (yes, macaroni and cheese would be awesome).  Once I have the address, I’ll post up a “wish-list,” which I hope to keep updated regularly.  Until then, hold your horses.

Have a warm Thanksgiving, wherever you are.

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