1. Would love to be able to hear you on this one, but it’s all garbled. Maybe you can write an explanation of what we’re seeing.


    1. Of course – sorry about that. This video is from my trip to visit Avery (and some of my host family who live) in Tirnest. Tirnest is about forty minutes from Outat up the side of a mountain that can be seen from Outat. After we climbed up one of the hills, we looked back and you could see Tirnest below us and then the Plain du Rekkam (the large, flat desert) stretching to the east. The shots of the mountain capture the green rosemary growing all over the mountainside. You can’t see Outat in this shot, unfortunately, because there’s a large rock in the way, but it’s more to the right of Tirnest from this angle.


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