The Official Wish List

Welcome to the Official Wish List for necessary or desired items that could potentially make my two year stint here in Morocco both “more like home” or possibly more productive.  Just because an item is on this list doesn’t mean I can’t get it in Morocco (I can, most likely).  Even in the case of peanut butter, for example, I could either find it or make it myself, but at the end of the day, some things are just more trouble to think about looking for or too expensive to buy, and if I can get it sent here directly, then great.  A few minor points, first:

1. If you do not have my address yet, ask for it.

2. Do not send Fed Ex.  The package will go to a CTM bus station in, like, Errachidia or some place, and I’ll have to travel five-something hours to get it.  So, send Fed Ex if you hate me.  Honestly, good ole-fashioned United States Postal Service works just fine and is probably a little cheaper too.

3. A link to this specific blog is permanently placed in the right-hand sidebar, as I intend to keep the wish-list regularly updated so I don’t get a thousand gatorade packets and no bacon bits, if you get my drift.  If you’re sending a lot of something (which I don’t recommend, because I could be accused of trying to sell bulk items), tell me what it is, and anything I have enough of will either be removed from the list permanently or given a strikethrough.  Be sure to check the list before you send!  Or ask me.

4. Finally, like I said above, this list is a work-in-progress.  It’ll be updated regularly, so check back often.

Gatorade packets and/or Emergen-C or Airborne

Wheat Thins or other crackers 

Bacon bits (I would ask for straight-up bacon, but sending that seems kind of gross, doesn’t it?  Gotta get my pork fix somehow)

Socks, especially wool socks for winter but also low-cut ankle socks

Eli Berry

Super Glue (something really hardcore that will glue an elephant to a bridge upside down; I’ve got big plans)

– Girl Scout Tagalongs or whatever they call them now

Different assortments of good teas

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (you cannot send too much of this)

Peanut Butter & Nutella

V-neck T-shirts, medium: not white.  Anything white here gets dirty enough in a two day period to never be worn again.

Packet of Gillette Fusion Power Razor Blades

Burt’s Beeswax (especially since I live in such a dry, dusty place) Good on this for a while

Lava soap (because I just love that stuff)

– A Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell

New Headphones (just a small set of plugs)

Very small black notepads (like a pocket journal to keep Arabic notes in)

Cards, letters, and small posters to decorate my house

Hand Sanitizer

A pair of moccasins (size 10.5 or so and not the ones with the fleece insides)

Maple Syrup (can’t find it here; sad day)

Sticky Tack to hang things on my wall (lots and lots of this)

An oven mitt

A potato peeler

And now, for the super-cool post-Peace Corps Wish List.  These are the things that I will likely purchase myself, but hey, if you chip in, mar. ha. bah.  

– Portable Hard-drive (this is something I want but you shouldn’t send it, because it’s unlikely to make it to me)

– The iPhone 5, upon release

MacBook Air or Pro – still undecided (anybody mad that I’m making the switch?  Cause I am a little)

– A car.  Preferably a car with at least 30 mpg, if not 40.  (unless, of course, I end up moving to NYC or somewhere crazy and don’t actually need a car).

– New clothes.  Short and long-sleeve button-ups/dress shirts with a blazer with corduroy patch elbows (I’ve been dirty for two years; it’s time to look nice)

– New glasses.  I know I could just wear Eyejusters, but it’s been a while since I had a new pair of glasses, and I think it’s time for a new look, too.

– A few thousand bucks to pay off the $25K in loans that I owe Vanderbilt University for a degree I will never use.

– A job or admission into graduate school.

– A trip across the United States visiting National Parks along the way.

– Make new friends.  I’m in short supply stateside.  But the ones I have are really good, so I won’t complain.



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