Christmas in Morocco?

Some have asked me, and as an Islamic country, Morocco is pretty void of most Christmas traditions.  Most people will associate Christmas with New Year’s in fact; although, if you explain that it’s when Aissa was born, they understand pretty quickly what you’re talking about for the most part.  Anyway, something happened today that got me strangely into the Christmas spirit.

So, I’m sitting at a cafe this morning studying Arabic (specifically how to read and write it) and watching the news.  Occasionally, they will show clips from America.  A week or two ago, I saw a shot of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, but from time-to-time, they’ll show Youtube videos, as well, that are gaining popularity on the internet, and these are often American.  I think that’s a pretty fascinating concept, you know, to show a video from the internet on TV that’s gone viral.  Whatever.  Anyway, today, I’m sitting in the cafe, and this video comes on TV:

Naturally, I immediately bust out laughing, and there’s a Moroccan standing nearby who clearly thinks I’m crazy.  He looks at me, then at the commercial, then back at me, and then walks off.  I’m still laughing out loud.

Anyway, just wanted to share that.