Just a few things…

Keeping this one short.

1. I updated the wish list, so check it out.  I know several of you have sent things lately.  I will let you know when I receive any of them.

2. There’s a mistake in the address I sent out.  I’m still receiving things anyway, but just so you know: CP 33300, not 33000, and if you want to be even more exact, write “Province Boulemane-Missour.”  If you don’t have my address yet, ask for it.

3. Big week ahead of me with multiple volunteers in town for a health project educating older women on health issues.  I will be helping them make health kits, hopefully.  Also, my program manager is coming here for the day to walk around with me and cover as much information as possible.

4. Yes, if you’ve watched the news lately, my neck of the woods (i.e. North Africa) is in a state of revolution of sorts.  It kicked off with Tunisia and several people have set themselves on fire in protest of the conditions they face.  Now Algeria is facing similar issues.  Fret not, Morocco is a much calmer place.  But it’s interesting being here and hearing about our neighbors.

Hope everyone is well and warm.


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