Please. Listen to this.

I posted this on Facebook earlier, and I wanted to make sure that anyone who is keeping up with the blog also hears this podcast.  This is from a podcast I regularly listen to called “On Being” about religion and human co-existence.  This week features the recent events happening in the Middle East, and the picture on the main page is actually of a school in Morocco that’s about seven hours northwest of me.  The focus on youth is especially fascinating and interesting and really makes me feel like I’m here doing the right thing.

You can either download the link or stream the podcast:


Stream Podcast with Flash

And just because the guy in the cyber always plays music, here’s a song I’ve recently gotten stuck in my head and am obsessed with by Amr Mostafa.  But fair warning, it’s catchy.  Enjoy.

Tonight, my friend Meetra is coming in, and we’re going to cook chicken noodle soup together, noodles from scratch.  Then, we’re leaving tomorrow to go to Ifrane and are staying the night there with a former volunteer who is also, coincidentally, a Wabash alum.  Then, the rest of the week will be spent in Azrou for our “post-training” training, or “PPST.”  Sunday is Morocco’s “Day of Rage” in Casablanca, Rabat, and elsewhere.  We’ll see if the revolution spreads or not.  Everyone take care.



  1. It’s driss

    Listening to that song brought upfront my whole two-year experience, hhhhh. The cyber guy(Aziz is his name) used to play it over and over and over, I even once asked him (gently) to turn the sound a bit down ’cause it was comletely distracting..but, yup, a great song indeed.


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