This article made national headlines even in America today.  Just wanted to share.  Avery and I were sitting eating a delicious tajine (and I bought a tajine plate earlier today so I can cook my own) at the restaurant when they interrupted a “regularly scheduled broadcast” to show Mohammed VI standing with his son and, I assume, his brother, listening to the Moroccan National Anthem.  Since Avery and I couldn’t understand, well, anything (it was mostly in Modern Standard Arabic), we joked, “What if he just quit?  He’s just like, ‘I don’t wanna deal with this anymore.  Do it yourself.'”  But alas, he’s pushing forth some pretty big reforms, giving up his power to appoint the Prime Minister and handing that power to the people.  That’s an incredible thing to see. And I’m sure some of those “reforms” will empower him, too. Cause, hey, it’s great to be king.

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