Some Good Reading

Came across five good articles this morning after sleeping for fifteen hours last night.  I guess getting ready for my upcoming HIV/STI education project has really made me tired.  At any rate, I felt these three articles deserved to be shared beyond Facebook.

1. Chain Envy.  CNN discusses the difficulty of moving away from a chain restaurant that you enjoy.  I’d just like to remind everyone that the Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell is still on my wish list.  It has not yet been sent to Morocco.

2. An article for my mother, the former first grade teacher and any other teachers out there or people who have worked with youth and had to deal with parents.

3. 9/11 Threats to the Islamic Center in Murfreesboro.  Two things are interesting about this.  The first is that, ten years after 9/11, people are still trying to seek vengeance rather than justice or forgiveness for what happened on 9/11.  Vengeance is never the answer.  Second, the people they seek vengeance against are everyday American citizens who had nothing to do with 9/11.  Bizarre.

4. Exposing religious fundamentalism.  Leave it to Al Jazeera to report what American media is keeping hush-hush.  Two of the presidential candidates are Christian dominionists who believe themselves called by God to run for office.  Their theology is essentially theocratic in an attempt to make America a Christian Dominionist nation.  And they’re Zionists – they want to restore Israel to its full state, removing all Muslims from the nation.  It’s unfortunate that two people who believe this stuff can run for President in our society.  I’ll take Reagan over these folks any day.  American media doesn’t report on this, because they fear doing so would make them appear biased as liberal.  But if someone is a dominionist, they’re a dominionist, and people should know where their presidential candidates really stand.

5. Perhaps an even better message than “America’s got fundamentalist issues” is this recent Huffington Puffington post article by my friend Maria (who has been mentioned a lot on my blog lately).  I even helped her edit it.  There’s just no better message than “vengeance is not the answer.”

That’s all for now.  I’m likely to be MIA over the course of the next week or two.  I’ve got a big project happening at my youth center, and then I’m going to the Imilchil wedding festival.  Portugal is within site.


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