Dinner plans, or all the foods I miss and will eat for Christmas

That’s right, folks, in exactly one month from today, I’ll be slowly making my way to Casablanca to get on a plane to Madrid to get on a plane to Dallas to get on a plane to Memphis.  And three days later, on December 19, I’ll be home.  Until January 6.  There’s lots of you I’d like to see somewhere in there, including a trip to Nashville, God-willing.  But my one request is that, should we go out to eat (or stay in to cook), we choose from the following restaurants or foods.  Unless you’re paying, in which case, you pick whatever you want, and I’ll probably eat it happily.  Feel free to make suggestions to this list, as well, but with two meals a day (not counting breakfast) for nineteen days, I should be able to check most of these off of the list.  I am also willing to cook for (some of) you, but I refuse to cook the same meal twice unless you catch me when I’m craving it a second time.  Sorry, but some of those meals are a lot of work.  I’m not opposed to eating at the same place twice either, because I will probably want Mexican food multiple times, but keep in mind that I am actually trying to eat as many of these places as possible before I go back to Morocco.  I’ve got about twenty-five pounds to gain back.

restaurants (some city-specific):

baja burrito

san antonio taco company

maggie moo’s or ben & jerry’s ice cream

five guys burgers & fries

mellow mushroom

mediterranean cuisine

cheddar’s cafe

mimi’s cafe

rio bravo

los portales

koi’s japanese hibachi & sushi


craig’s pizza

old town spaghetti store

chinese take-out

pizza hutt or papa john’s

bww: buffalo wild wings



panera bread

dunkin donuts


international house of pancakes

sonic drive-in

taco bell



the cracker barrel


red lobster


olive garden

home-cooked meals (family):



breakfast (for dinner)

chicken casserole

macaroni & cheese

meals I can cook:

soups, including –


sweet cream of carrot

cheesy potato soup

chicken noodle (noodle from scratch)

mexican, including –

tortillas (from scratch)


pica de gallo

mexican rice

stir fry

italian, including –

ravioli (from scratch)

spaghetti (roasted tomato sauce)

moroccan tajine

orange chicken

curry dishes



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