Glasses Project Update

There’s a few things I wanted to say about the glasses project after having been home and having a chance to explain it to some of you.  The biggest thing is this: I do not know who has or hasn’t donated to the project.  Once the project is funded, Peace Corps will – theoretically – send me a list of sorts that will include your name if you choose to include it.  You may also give anonymously, in honor, or in memory of someone.  But I had some people ask if they got word from me that they’d donated, and I have not.  That said, I deeply, deeply appreciate all who have donated.  I can’t say that enough.  More importantly, I know the Moroccan youth when they have a pair of adjustable glasses will be just as appreciative, as will their mothers and fathers.  I’m looking forward to sharing those pictures and videos with you.

If you haven’t had a chance to give yet, do it now before you miss out!  We are halfway to our goal.

It’s easy to give.

Then, enter a number in the white box and hit the blue “donate” button.  You’ll then be directed to a safe, government website where you can use credit cards or a debit card to donate.  Afterward, they will email you a receipt.  So far, I haven’t heard of anyone who has had problems with this, but please let me know if you do, so I can let Peace Corps know.  The Peace Corps website was down yesterday, but it is back up and running today.

I think that about covers it.  Some have asked for more of an explanation of what the project is.  In a nutshell, go here and check out these glasses.  We are partnering with that organization in Britain, which is basically a bunch of Oxford physicists.  The glasses, as you can see, function in a special way so as to remove the necessity for the middle-man (the optometrist) and put the power of adjusting your prescription in your own hands, making screening and distribution easy for the developing world, where optometrists can be expensive or unavailable.

That’s it.  Keep your eyes peeled tonight or tomorrow for another blog (a long one) on my American adventure home!


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