This morning, this email was sent to those who donated to the glasses project and included their email address:

“Dear Friends,

If you’re receiving this email, it’s because you recently gave to the United States Peace Corps Partnership Program Grant to support my “glasses project,” titled “Eyewear for Moroccan Youth,” and I wanted to write you to update you with some exciting news.  The impact of the donation you gave has quadrupled.  As you know, the project asked for $2000 to bring 120 self-adjusting glasses to Morocco to benefit youth in-need for two rural communities.  This morning, I received an email from Owen Reading at Eyejusters, the glasses organization out of Oxford, England.  Owen has asked to fly down, at his expense, to be a part of this unique project and to collect information about the success of their product.  As such, Eyejusters has agreed to provided an additional 280 self-adjusting glasses, as well as 400 pair of reading glasses, bringing the total number of glasses provided to 800.  After crunching some numbers, that “discounted donation” brings the cost of each pair of Eyejusters down from $15 to just $3.96 per pair and every pair of reading glasses from $2.05 to $0.54.  In other words, if you gave $15 to purchase one pair of glasses for a Moroccan youth, you have, in effect, provided 3 pair of Eyejusters and just over 6 pair of reading glasses to Morocco’s youth.

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for you and the impact you’ve made.  I do not have email addresses for everyone who has given, so if you happen to know someone who might not know this wonderful news, please pass the word along!  I expect to purchase the glasses once the funds flow into my account this or next week, and I expect to screen and distribute the glasses in early April or early June, as I am travelling throughout the month of May.  I will post pictures to my blog once the glasses have been distributed.  Again, many, many thanks to you.

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  1. This is such exciting news and I’m so proud of your hard work on this project. As someone who has vision problems, I can only imagine how sad the world would be for me without my glasses. Thanks for your work.

    Love you,



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