As many of you know, the glasses project proved (and continues to prove) to be an incredible fruitful part of my service.  While Eyejusters were in Morocco, they took several videos, some of the Olive Orchard where I live, some of the actual glasses project.  I’ve been meaning for some time to get these up for the world to see.  So, here they are.

First things first, a few more of my village in the orchard:

Next up, some adventure shots of our travels around Morocco, as we brought glasses from place to place with – of course – stops for tea along the way:

Next on the list… a series of shots we took that show everything from “how the glasses work” to fitting a pair of glasses to even a trial and a training of other Peace Corps Volunteers:

Put ALL of those videos together, and what do you get?  A professionally made video by Eyejusters:

For more, check out the Eyejusters website on Morocco.

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