I have so much crap.  Like, seriously, why do I have so many t-shirts?

So, yeah, my parents and sister picked me up yesterday in Nashville.  Our first stop?  The Bi-Centennial Mall, where I bought some Chinese Gun Powder tea so I can make Moroccan tea (cause yeah, they just buy the Chinese stuff).  Then, lunch at San Antonio Taco Company with Katie and Harold.

My mind is sort of racing, but it’s all jumbled together. In time when I’ve process some, I hope to return and say a little more, and then I may take a short hiatus from writing for a while.


  1. Hey Philip! Welcome home. I’m sure your parents are delighted to have you back. Your blogs have been so wonderfully rich! You are an incredible person, writer, life appreciator – who has had an amazing life-shaping experience in Morocco. I can’t wait to see how you choose to find fulfilling ways to make the world a better place!!! You may have already heard, I’m teaching first graders this year at Nova Elementary. It’s also an amazing life-shaping experience for me, and I’m delighted to have this opportunity. I’d love to visit with you some time, but alas, it will have to be after school is out.


    1. Joy, thanks so much for the kind comments, and once school is out, let’s grab lunch. You may have to pick me up, however, as I do not have a car.

      By the way, Nova Elementary was my elementary school. And I have some very fond and very horrible memories there!

      Have a good last few weeks before Christmas break!


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