theirs is the American god
whom fear of
struck fear of
those not fearing quite the same,
and cloaked in pretty politik
they’ll shame those they can shame
in Christianease,
they’ll please with pleas and
so empowered, claim
that right is right and wrong is
given to some other name,
a simpler world, in black-and-white,
is how they play the game
off serving god and Mammon
in a time of fear that reigns,
to protect their own with gun and brawn
no precedence for brains,
as all about what’s born and bought
three cheers to Christian gains
that once again, what’s sought is salt,
of blessings, stains, or curse,
vulgus Christianos appellabat,
their name across the Earth
must die again to die again
before there’s sacred worth.

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