The Red Velvet Oreo Challenge

To those who may have been following the Red Velvet Oreo Challenge (or to those who weren’t):

I said recently (on Facebook) that I was disappointed with the new Red Velvet Oreos primarily because the cookie part wasn’t soft enough. Even compared to regular Oreos, the cookie was too hard, but this is especially odd because what makes Red Velvet Cake so delicious is how moist the actual cake is in texture. So, if you were developing a Red Velvet Oreo, wouldn’t you want to reflect that in your Oreo? [I should pause to say it’s possible that the bag I had was faulty, but I have not yet – and am unlikely to – purchase another to test this with the same, uhm, scientific fervor as detailed below.]

Before beginning my test, I ate one regular Oreo and one Red Velvet Oreo. I rated the regular Oreo at a 8/10 stars and the Red Velvet at a 5.5/10 stars by comparison.

CookieI tried first, as a control group, dipping a regular Oreo into milk (thanks to Bill Walker who provided a package three weeks ago). A “dip,” I take to be slightly less than a “dunk” (which would seem to cover more surface area) and for only a brief amount of time, as opposed to a “soak.” I was not thoroughly impressed, rating it at a 7/10 stars, so I decided to up the time to ten seconds but was only able to leave the cookie in the milk for up to six seconds before it began to crumble. There was one unfortunate incident where one cookie crumbled too much and had to be… disposed of. I reintroduced a second cookie to replace it. The regular Oreo with the six-second dip proved to be quite delightful at 9/10 stars. I left room for one other star in hopes that the Hot Chocolate dip would be even better.

However, in performing the same test again, the Red Velvet Oreo proved to be an even bigger disappointment. With one brief dip into the milk, there was no noticeable change in the hardness of the cookie, and it wasn’t covered in enough milk to offer much of a milky taste to add or detract from the experience. It was only slightly cold and wet, and I rated it at 4/10 stars. The full-fledged soak (that is, the six-second dip) was even worse. While I succeeded in making the cookie soft, the milky taste combined with the Red Velvet taste was not a positive combination. We’ll say 2.5/10 stars. But don’t worry: there was good news.Cookie Two

Hot Chocolate makes everything better. I should clarify that I only tested the water-based drink and not a milk-based one. I’d had enough of milk by this point. The regular Oreo proved to be one of the best things I’d tasted in a while earning it a solid 10/10 stars, and even the Red Velvet Oreo had a huge turn around. I think this is due to two big factors: the combination of something chocolate-based and the warmth that melted the cream-filling along with the Red Velvet cake cookie for the perfect cookie experience. Though I also rate this at 10/10 stars, which is leaps-and-bounds better from the 5.5 I gave the cookie by itself, I will go as far as to say that I think the Red Velvet Oreo dipped in Hot Chocolate tastes ever so slightly better than the regular Oreo.

Finally, it had been suggested that I use bread in a zip-lock bag to soften the cookies, though this didn’t seem to have any immediate impact (though I am unclear how long I might need to leave the bread in the bag for this to be effective).


Regular Oreo – 8/10

Regular Oreo Dip – 7/10

Regular Oreo Long Dip – 9/10

Regular Oreo Hot Chocolate Dip – 10/10

Velvet Oreo – 5.5/10

Velvet Oreo Dip – 4/10

Velvet Oreo Long Dip – 2.5/10

Velvet Oreo Hot Chocolate Dip – 10/10

Oreos in a Zip-lock with bread – No change


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