On the other hand…. ten year-olds will be ten year-olds

Six months ago, Caity and Avery were nothing short of exasperated with several people as they prepared to leave.  I remember both of them just repeating, “It’s awful, Phil.  It’s absolutely awful.”  This morning, I finally got a taste of what they were talking about.  I guess it can’t all be peaches and cream, right? […]

“I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello”

After Eid el-Adha, I took a day or two to rest.  Eight hours slaughtering and eating and visiting with folks will tire you out, let me tell ya.  Then, yesterday, my landlord rolled in with a few younger looking guys who were visiting their family from Meknes and Chefchaouen.  He showed them the house and […]

Silence of the Lambs, or what I like to call, Abdelqader Day

“Fouaaad.  Fouaaad,”  Soufianne chanted my name from his bike as I walked up to the gate of his house.  Calling it a ‘gate’ makes it sound like a nice, walled-in community of some such.  It’s technically the gate to the local fish market, of which the house is just conveniently connected. I yelled at Soufianne […]


Today, I said goodbye to Ahmed – Jonathan’s host brother (and previously Nicole’s). It was the first goodbye of many in the next week.  Ahmed’s gotten to know quite a few volunteers, and he’s become a good friend.  As the owner of a “gite” (think, “bed-and-breakfast”), he’s played host to many Americans, and that’s actually […]

A Capstone Experience to my Service – a visit from the Country Director

On Monday, the Country Director and the person in charge of gifts and grants for all of Peace Corps drove out to our province in the Middle Atlas.  It was an opportunity for several volunteers to come together and talk about (and show off) some of the work we were doing based on the grants […]