The Freedom and Imprisonment of Being a Toddler, or Vacationing in Virginia

Through a large swath of Virginia, there’s a road called the Skyline that hugs the Appalachian trail at the top of a series of mountain ridges. It’s basically exactly what you’d imagine it should be: pristine views, stretches of asphalt where you find yourself driving under, through, and above the cloudline, rain that pops up […]

I Spent a Week in a Moroccan Orphanage and Lived to Blog About It

In America, when we hear about orphans, we immediately conjure up images of little orphan Annie fighting the evil Miss Hannigan with rich ole’ Daddy Warbucks on her side.  It’s a hard-knock life, after all.  My guess is that you’d think, in a developing country, that stereotype would be even worse, but I’m not sure […]