Fake Russian Christians making fake American Christian content fit for a Coup

Recent MIT research into an internal Facebook report unveiled that of Facebook’s top twenty Christian pages, 19 out of 20 were run by troll farms in Kosovo and Macedonia–likely the same Russian-backed “trolls” responsible for the 2016 election. The largest of those Christian Facebook pages, twenty times larger than the next, had a reach of […]

Homesick for ‘murica, or from Glasses to Culture to Grieving

I’m homesick for America. Actually, this is a first in nearly two years.  It seems that the closer I get to my close-of-service, the more I can taste America.  Literally.  Some Honey BBQ on a set of boneless chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.  A platter of my mother’s home-cooked lasagna.  Perhaps a little San […]