Stories from Morocco, or Remembering My Encounter with the Muslim Faith

With all that’s been said about Islam lately, I thought I’d take a moment to republish something I wrote after returning from my time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco. This is a slightly edited version of a talk I gave to local churches and a local rotary club in Tennessee: Act 1. Arrival. […]

Challenging Assumptions About the Modern Arab Myth: an Exploration of Moroccan Cultures and Traditions

Earlier this month, I gave a lecture to a group of United Methodist Men (and later to a local Rotary Club) about my experience with the Peace Corps.  I am publishing that lecture here with only a few edits.  I have also spliced in Wikipedia links every here and there.  Please don’t regard those links […]

How the Gay Marriage Debate Reveals Negative Attitudes toward the Adopted

There’s an article on the front page of CNN today, an opinion piece, that defends traditional marriage.  Because it would violate the First Amendment’s establishment clause to do so, the argument – like the one that will be heard before the Supreme Court soon – is void of any religious language.  Even if conservative Christianity […]

Homesick for ‘murica, or from Glasses to Culture to Grieving

I’m homesick for America. Actually, this is a first in nearly two years.  It seems that the closer I get to my close-of-service, the more I can taste America.  Literally.  Some Honey BBQ on a set of boneless chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.  A platter of my mother’s home-cooked lasagna.  Perhaps a little San […]