Number Crunching, or How the Glasses Project Quadrupled.

This morning, this email was sent to those who donated to the glasses project and included their email address: “Dear Friends, If you’re receiving this email, it’s because you recently gave to the United States Peace Corps Partnership Program Grant to support my “glasses project,” titled “Eyewear for Moroccan Youth,” and I wanted to write […]

Post-Pre Service Training, or everything I needed to know to execute a cool project

It’s been kind of a long, tough week.  Actually, that’s an understatement. Let me back up.  Everybody knows my love for Wabash.  My undergrad was kind of a tight-nit community, a bubble of sorts.  We called it “Camp Wabash” as a joke because it felt more like summer-camp than it did like college.  So, naturally, if you’re […]